Friday, June 26, 2009

Bentos and BBQ

Last week I took a much needed trip to Japantown in San Francisco, making a beeline for Ichinbankan (first time shopper :)) and picking up a few bento supplies! I’d been obsessed with pictures online for a few weeks, but had yet to create something of my own. Here I nervously present my first bento arrangement: yesterday’s lunch. I used my cherry pink sandwich box which has a collapsible top layer, which I show unclipped here for viewing purposes. The top layer is lettace, ham and nori wraps, cheese cut into scottie dogs, homemade cone and "island". Bottom layer houses bear shaped pancakes and frosted strawberries on a bed of peaches.
I nibbled on the odds and ends and "cutaways" from my bento prep, so by the time the box was complete, I found myself positively stuffed! (Someone had to finish off the strawberries and frosting, after all. It wouldn't do to let the stuff harden in their bowls.) Luckily, my family swarmed the kitchen and eagerly descended upon my humble artwork, exclaiming happily all the while and boosting my self esteem. :)

Later that night we had barbeque, and I took the liberty of snapping a pic of that as well when my dad lifted the lid on the grill.

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